Hi there,

I’m Georgina/George/Gina/G/Georgie/Gina(pronounced as in va-GINA), and welcome to my food blog.

I’m a student at the University of Edinburgh and this is where I’m going to take time away from study to share any food ideas, recipes, recommendations, reviews, etc, all from my student experience.

My focus will be on recipes perfect for (but not restricted to) students; that is easy, mostly speedy, mostly healthy (well, not too unhealthy), low cost and most importantly, tasty. Furthermore, I use mainly easily obtainable ingredients and kitchen equipment.

As a student, its often too easy to turn to pre-prepared foods when living a busy (or not) lifestyle. I am sometimes guilty of this (exam season), but I think its important to enjoy cooking and take time away from study (ahem).

Hope you enjoy my food chat,

Peace out X


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