Noodle recipe with zero noodles


Noodles with spinach, broccoli, garlic, quorn mince, eggs and sweet chilli!
I made these with zero noodles but any noodles will do really. I have recently been trying zero noodles as an apparently healthier version on regular noodles. They claim to be calorie, sat fat, carb, sugar, wheat, gluten and soy free and also organic. To be honest, I’m not really trying to avoid any of those things but I thought I’d give them a go anyway. I’ve heard that these noodles are supposed to absorb the flavour of what they are cooked with. This is what I made up for my dinner this evening and it ended up tasting goooood.

1 block frozen spinach
Few florets of broccoli
2 cloves ginger chopped or crushed
Tablespoon olive oil
Half a bag of zero noodles
1/2 cup quorn mince
1 egg beaten with pinch of salt and pepper
30ml sweet chilli sauce, I used Blue Dragon
Sprinkle of chilli powder

1. Boil spinach and chopped broccoli
2. In the meantime, either chop up really finally or crush the garlic and add to a pan with the olive oil, stir fry for 30 seconds.
3. Add the drained veg to the pan and stir fry for a few minutes then set aside in a bowl
4. In the pan, add the quorn mince and cook in a low- medium heat for a minute or 2 continuously stirring.
5. Having rinsed the noodles under cold water and drained them, add to the pan with the quorn and cook for a further 3-5 minutes.
6. Add the veg back into the pan and stir well.
7. Push the contents of the pan to one side and add the egg and cook, breaking it up into small pieces
8. When the egg is cooked, stir all the contents of the pan together.
9. Add the sweet chilli sauce and sprinkle of chilli powder and combine into pan contents
10. Cook and stir fry on a low heat for a further couple of minute, then serve.



This is a quick, easy, delicious and healthy meal…..enjoy! 🙂


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